Protect What You Create

Establish ownership of your ideas, inventions and creative works.


Before you share your genius, register it in the blockchain.

Protect Yourself in 3 Easy Steps


Bundle It

Gather all of your creativity into one place. Prior Things makes it easy for you to upload files, descriptions or notes to an intellectual property bundle. There is no limit to what you can include. Images, Powerpoint, media files, code repositories, sketches, recipes, lyrics, manuscripts and more can be secured by the Blockchain.


Register It

After you have created your Prior Things intellectual property bundle, click the publication button in our app. We take care of all of the blockchain registrations and security stuff for you. We hash all of your data through our double-hash algorithm during the registration process. The Blockchain provides a full and permanent audit trail.

What is the Blockchain?

Prove It

We provide you with online tools to help you demonstrate ownership of your creative work. We've got your back.

Get Started

Ideas Worth Protecting

Protect Your Best Ideas and Things

Flashes of inspiration and genius are your most valuable assets. PriorThings exists to help you protect your brilliance from those who might try to misappropriate your genius in the future.

Our members are protecting their pitch decks, business plans, agreements, videos, lyrics, manuscripts, secret recipes, pre-patent and pre-copyright things and more.

Why the Blockchain?

The Blockchain is Really Good at One Thing

The blockchain is the best way to create a permanent record of transactions and ownership records. A record cannot be changed or manipulated once it is locked in the blockchain.

The blockchain provides the security, permanence, and confidence that makes it the perfect platform for Bitcoin.

Set Your Creativity Free

Tired of non-disclosure agreements and marking things as confidential? There is a better way. Using the public blockchain, you can establish ownership of everything that makes you brilliant. Your genius deserves proper recognition and protection.

PriorThing does not give you patent or copyright protection. But it does help you establish prior art. PriorThings is that extra layer of protection you deserve.

Be More than an "Idea Person"

Prove it With the Blockchain.

We know you are out there. We are out there with you. That is why we created a way to register our best ideas. For less than $9 a month you can protect up to 24 of your best ideas or creative works each year.

Do the math. That is less than $5 per registration. How much are your best ideas worth?

The Blockchain is Really Important

Look what others are saying about the Blockchain.

The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation — powered by blockchain technology — is bringing us the Internet of value: a new platform to reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better. Don Tapscott, Author "The Digital Economy"
I think we will see different flavors of decentralized technologies and blockchains. I think decentralized networks will be the next huge wave in technology. The blockchain allows our smart devices to speak to each other better and faster.” Melanie Swan, Author of "Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy by Swan, Melanie (2015) Paperback"
We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error. Tyler Winklevoss, Co-creator of Facebook and investor in Bitcoin

Bigger and More Important than Bitcoin

40 years from now, blockchain and all that followed from it will figure more prominently in that story than will bitcoin. Larry Summers, US Former Treasury Secretary
It’s hard not to be fascinated by something so transformative. Carolyn Wilkins @bankofcanada
I'm a big fan... Al Gore, Invented the Internet